Sunday , 26 March 2017


Rounding Out The Quiver: Small Wave Board


I had done the research for weeks. I watched the videos. I read the specs. I looked at alternatives. I went into the surf shop three different times to pick it up and put it under my arm. And then I finally pulled the trigger. A few friends criticized my choice of paying a hefty sum to buy a board ... Read More »

Buying A Board Off The Rack


A lot of surfers I know turn up their nose at the thought of buying a board “off the rack”.   Too expensive.  Not supporting local.  Not “core” enough to order your own shape.  Valid reasons I suppose; to each their own.  I, on the other hand, have been known to buy a board off the rack here and there.  But ... Read More »

Sub Zero Sessions


"We learned a long time ago that it’s best not to tell people here that we surf through the winter. It’s just not worth it. They seem to either think that we’re kidding or deranged." Read More »