Sunday , 26 March 2017

Surf Tips

Staph From Surfing


I’ve been pretty lucky in that most of the cuts and scrapes I’ve sustained from surfing have healed quite nicely without incident.  I’ve cut my forehead open and been stabbed deeply by a fin, been smashed by a rail and cut by the rocks and coral. So I was fairly surprised to recently be treated for a small skin infection ... Read More »

Surfing After It Rains: Good Idea Or Not?


It’s winter in Southern California, and with the change of seasons usually comes some rainfall.  A heavy rain after months and months of dry weather is bound to cause problems:  all the junk that has built up over the summer is now being funneled directly into your surf spot.  This can be a boon in certain locations, as rivermouths will ... Read More »

Big(ger) Wave Surfing


Whatever your experience level, you will be itching for a more challenging wave sometime! However, there's a fine line between pushing your limits and getting into a dangerous situation Read More »