3 – Finding A Beginner Surf Spot

Finding a good beginner break to learn to surf

Finding a good spot to learn to surf is an important ingredient when you’re just starting out. Small, gentle waves and a sandy beach are the keys. You wouldn’t want to begin your surfing career at Pipeline!

Key ingredients to a good beginners surf spot:

  • Relatively uncrowded—you want a few people around for safety, but you don’t want to be in a crowd, either.

  • Sand bottom—much easier on feet and boards, especially for beginners.

  • Calm, crumbling waves—don’t try to learn to surf where the waves are very steep and hollow. In certain areas, it’s hard to find a crumbling wave, but it’s worth a little investigation.

  • Big sandbar—it’s important to be able to wade out and catch the lines of whitewater at first, so try to find a nice big sandbar with knee to waist-high water.

Things to watch out for when selecting a surf spot:

  • Don’t go where the more experienced surfers are. You’ll only get in the way, create dangerous situations, and annoy everyone.

  • When you’re just starting to learn to surf, find a peak to yourself if possible.

  • If you’re very new, make sure there’s at least some people around. Sometimes you can surf near a lifeguard, but don’t surf between the lifeguard’s flags.

  • Watch out for surfing restrictions in certain areas. Some places will not let you surf during certain hours of the day.

  • Make sure you have the right parking permits! A parking ticket will kill your day and your stoke.

  • Don’t surf in the shorebreak. This is very dangerous! Shorebreak is when the waves break right onto the sand at the edge of the waterline.

2 thoughts on “3 – Finding A Beginner Surf Spot”

  1. Hey,
    I am going to bali in februari and i really wanna learn to surf, but i am really afraid that im going to break my neck. I am a beginner. Do you have any advice to give? Im going to learn in kuta bali. Thanks for good info about surfing!

    Ps: I never speak or write english =)

  2. I took one lesson when i went to wildwood this summer and I fall in love with surfing now that I’m going back to Greenwich I dont know where a good surfing spot is and I really want to learn how to surf better…. Any ideas to where I should go??????

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