Soft Surfboard Racks

Soft Surfboard Racks

Soft Surfboard Racks are perfect for someone who doesn't have factory or aftermarket hard racks on their car, and needs something cheap and easy to get their surfboards to the beach and back.

Soft racks work by putting a cushion between your board and the roof of the car. They are secured to the car via straps that tie on the inside of the car through the doors.

Soft surfboard racks are perfect for traveling--most of the time rental cars are not equipped with surf racks. Soft racks are also perfect if you're borrowing a car or you need a temporary solution.

Soft surf racks can also be used as your everyday rack system, although it takes a bit of extra time to set them up. However, if you're constantly driving around with boards on the roof, I would highly recommend getting a more permanent rack solution.

Soft rack systems from FCS are available from Tactics online surf shop.

When using soft surfboard racks, I don't recommend exceeding 50/55 mph. Soft surf racks are not as sturdy as other rack systems and the risk of your board flying off is increased--especially if you've got more than one board on the roof. People will tell you they've gone 70 on the freeway with soft racks, but honestly you've got a $500 board on the roof--I wouldn't risk it.

A good tip for attaching the boards is to secure the board to the racks first, and then tie the racks to the car. You'll be able to get them a bit tighter that way. Also, make sure to re-tighten the racks after you go surfing, or even if you make a quick stop for gas.

Put the soft rack pads as far away from each other on the roof as possible to ensure the most stable position. Too close together and your board will flop around. Remember: the two long straps that tie on the inside of the car are what's holding your board to the car--make sure they are secure!

Always take your leash off your board when driving with it on the roof. They can come undone very easily in the wind, and end up flying around or catching below a tire. DON'T try to wrap them tightly around the board. This will cause them to become kinked or damaged. The fins on the board are sharp and can put cuts in the leash, which could then break when the next big wave catches you off guard. Leashes are very easy to take on and off. Give your leash some extra life and remove it for transport.

Save yourself a trip to the shop and order your soft racks through Tactics!


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