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Surf videos are a great way to take a surf trip right from your own couch. Surf films have been around since the earliest days of surfing, highlighting exotic locations, colorful personalities, and the hottest talent.

Surf films can get you stoked to surf, or relieve the dreary symptoms of a flat spell. The best way to enjoy a surf film is to watch it with a big group of surfers. The hooting and excitement can make even a bad video seem amazing. Of course, if you can't do that, watching a surf film at home is a great way to spend a half hour.

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Video Reviews

The Mysticsurf video trailer available

Postcards From Paradisesurf video trailer available

Singlefin: Yellowsurf video trailer available

Super Slide

Thicker Than Watersurf video trailer available

surf video trailer available=contains video trailer or clip

Trailer Spotlight

The Mystic

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Barefoot Adventure Surf Film

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