Boardlocker Locking Surfboard Roof Racks From RV-Inno

Locking Surfboard Rack System

I bought the Boardlocker locking surfboard roof racks from RV-Inno recently, and since then I've been a very happy camper. This is THE best surfboard locking system for general surfboard car racks.

I've already given a number of demonstrations at the beach parking lot to other surfers curious about the racks. They are one of the only rack systems available that will allow you to lock your boards to your car. Tired of constantly worrying that your boards are going to be stolen while you go for an after-surf fish taco or trip to the supermarket? These racks will give you some peace of mind.

First off, the Boardlocker roof racks are ridiculously easy to use. They get rid of all the hassles associated with strapping your boards to the car. I got sick of climbing all over my car trying to tie up my boards with straps. I also got tired of the noise from the wind causing the straps to vibrate and buzz. The Boardlocker eliminates this completely. I've noticed almost no wind noise from the Boardlocker racks. There seems to be a very minor swooshing sound, but it's barely noticable.

The Boardlocker locking surfboard roof racks are so easy to install it literally took me 15 minutes. I didn't need any additional parts (I have a Chevy Blazer with factory racks). No tools required. (No tools doesn't mean they're not well made--the mechanism to install them is pretty ingenious and they're not going anywhere). Some rack systems, like Yakima round bars, might need an adapter.

The racks use a racheting system to secure the boards. The racks float in the air so you don't have to fish around for them, and allow you to easily slide the board in. Then you just attach the racheting wire to the floating straps and crank it down. It's a little tough to explain in words, but if you check out the pictures here you'll see how they work.

The bottom of the racks are padded with rubber, and remain soft yet strong. The straps are also padded with rubber that will grip your board tightly but not damage it.

Once you tighten the straps you simply flip down the ratchet covers and lock 'em up. They tell you to ALWAYS lock them so they don't fly open while you're driving, which is pretty good advice.

There is enough slack in the straps for several boards to be stacked on top of each other. Their recommended limit is 3 shortboards or 2 longboards.

The racks are worth every penny, and they're not that expensive. The investment is worth it to protect your boards from faulty straps or thieves. Yes, surfboard theft does happen quite a bit unfortunately. It depends on the area you live in, but I wouldn't just leave your boards lying around unprotected no matter where you live.

So that pretty much covers it. The best surfboard roof racks I've seen. Better than the Thule Hang Ten in my opinion. Highly recommended!

You can get the Boardlocker surfboard roof racks online from Tactics. I bought these online since it's a bit difficult to find a surf shop that has them in stock. Tactics also give you free shipping.

RV-Inno BoardLocker Surf Rack -- Surfboard Locking System

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