Miscellaneous Surfing Equipment

There's plenty of surfing equipment that can be found around the house to make your life easier! Also included are various new and unknown pieces of gear.

Rubbermaid bucket/tub Great for your car/trunk/pickup bed to stash your wet wetsuit and accessories. If you don't have one in your basement, pick one up at the local hardware store or department store.

Wet/Dry bag Also a great item to tote around a damp wetsuit and other items. There are small ones and large duffels for travel. Available at surf shops, but there's a bigger selection if you look online.

Plastic Sandwich Bags Store your surf wax bars in these! Find at any grocery store.

Shoulder Saver Hanger This item should be found in surf shops, but I've never encountered it. The absolute best way to dry your wetsuit. Prevents damage to the shoulders and keeps the suit back and front apart for easier ventilation.

Got any more random tips/accessories that you use in your daily surf routine? Send us an email!

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