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Surfboard Roof Rack Pads

Surfboard Roof Rack Pads

You can buy some surfboard roof rack pads if you have some regular factory racks already on your car. The pads provide some cushion so your board doesn’t get dinged up by contact with the racks, and also prevent you from getting wax on your racks.

Rack pads come in several colors and designs. Some are just plain old rack pads, and some have straps attached to them.

Plain rack pads are made by a variety of different manufacturers and come in an assortment of colors and patterns. If you decide to get plain rack pads, you’ll have to get some straps to tie down your boards. The advantage to this is that you can carry as many boards as you want, as well as kayaks or canoes.

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Tips For Strapping Down Your Boards

  • To get rid of buzzing, put a few twists in the straps.
  • When stacking boards, put towels between them so wax doesn’t collect on the bottoms of the boards.
  • After tightening the clamps, pull back on the metal tab to ensure it is tight.
  • Don’t overtighten the boards. Overtightening is a good way to crunch the rails of your boards.
  • Obey the speed limits. Your boards will be experiencing a lot of wind resistance and excessive speed will increase the risk of them flying off the roof.
  • The correct way to tie a board to the roof is upside down and with the fins to the front. This is the most aerodynamic position for them to be in, and will help your gas mileage.

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