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Carissa Moore Surfer Mag Cover

While I was in Hale’iwa a few days ago I saw that the Strong Currents shop had put out the May issue of Surfer early.  I was incredibly excited to see that Carissa Moore scored the cover!  I was also stoked on women’s surfing in general throughout my whole trip to Oahu because I saw a bunch of girls and women out ripping.   (More about surfing on Oahu and my mini-surf trip report coming soon!).

Congrats to Carissa!

Carissa Throws Some Serious Spray
Carissa Throws Some Serious Spray

EDIT – After being WRONGLY under the impression that Lisa Anderson was the first female to grace the cover of Surfer, someone showed me these:


Surfer mag has to be given props for giving the ladies some attention!  Thanks Surfer.

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13 years ago

I like those old magazine covers

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