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Clandestino Surfing Candy

Clandestino Surfing Candy 1

Recently I was contacted by someone representing a company called Clandestino, and she asked me if I wanted to try out some of their surfing candy.  My first reaction was, “what in the world is surfing candy?”  I read a bit further, and it became clear that it was actually a small energy bar made from bananas.  Now, I absolutely love bananas.  They are my favorite pre and post surf snack since they’re packed with good stuff, and are pretty easy to carry around with you.  So, I decided to give these surfing candies a try.  I received several different varieties in the mail, as well as a brochure featuring several surfers with their faces covered wild-west style with bandanas.  The first type of candy comes in a white box, and it’s basically a small bar made from what seems to be dehydrated bananas.  It’s actually pretty tasty – a bit more sweet than a regular banana.  There are also chocolate covered varieties – milk chocolate and dark chocolate.  At first it tasted a bit different – I wasn’t sure.  But after having a few they’ve grown on me quite a bit.

I recently participated in the Revolt Summer Surf Series Pier II Pier Pro Am in Pacific Beach, and I didn’t bring enough food with me to the beach.  After surfing my first heat and making it to the finals, I didn’t have enough time to go back to the car, get money, and go buy a snack.  I also didn’t feel like running around the streets of PB in the hot sun.  After walking around the contest area I noticed a few cartons of Clandestino bars at one of the tables.  I was pretty stoked to find them there, ate two, and surfed my way to a pretty decent result in the Women’s open shortboard – placing 4th overall out of 12.  I don’t know if the bars made me surf better, but they saved my butt big time as I was pretty hungry, and I hate surfing when I’m starving since my blood sugar drops and I bottom out.

Clandestino Surfing Candy 2

I’ll tell you what, the dark chocolate one is pretty damn good, and they are kind of fun and handy to have around.  Bananas just don’t keep very long, and sometimes I don’t have a chance to run to the store before a surf session.  These are fun alternatives, and at only 90-109 calories (for plain and chocolate), they are still pretty healthy.  A typical banana will run you around 110-120 calories.  I’d rather eat one of these things than, say, a Quaker Chewy granola bar, or a handful of pretzels or chips.  Since these are made from actual bananas (according to the company, they are Ecuadorian bananas), they aren’t just empty calories.

If you’re looking to try these out, you can buy them at the retailers listed at their website here.  For more information, you can head to the Clandestino website.

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