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Taylor Steele is pushing the envelope once again.  His latest brainchild is a video contest where viewers will vote for the top 20 sections submitted to his website.  While the idea itself is not revolutionary, I believe this is the first time something like this has been done in the surf industry – at least on such a large scale.  The overall winner scores $100,000.

The rad thing about this contest is that anyone can enter.  Rules on the site  mandate that entries and surfing must not be mechanically assisted.  That means no jetskis, chopper drops, or green screens.  This is paddle in freesurfing at its best.

I also like the fact that Poor Specimen is going to cover the cost of getting the rights to the music that contestants use in their clips.  This means you can have fun and search out some new music (nothing too mainstream that’s going to cost $50,000 for rights).

I’m totally stoked to see this progress.  What you’re gonna get is a showcase for some fresh filming talent – this will be like 20 cool short films in one, so you’re not gonna get bored midway through the finished product.  For example, check out one of the newer filmmakers that was mentioned on the site: Victor Pakpour (

This is a great idea and I’ll be following it closely.  I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Steele briefly at the Encinitas premiere of The Drifter.  He was incredibly nice and took the time to chat with fans, which only increased my respect for him.

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