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Surf Party Ideas For 2018

Surfing Parties Are The Best Parties

Throwing a surf themed party for someone?  Whether it’s a graduation party, a birthday party for kids or adults, or just a backyard BBQ for the hell of it, surf parties are very fun to throw.  Here are some of our best surf party ideas from our friends and editors!

You can get specific surf-themed decorations and even branch out into Hawaiian, beach, and tiki-themed decorations to add more variety.  Nautical themes also work well if you’re running out of options or want to spice things up.


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Set the scene with these inflatable palm trees in your yard or house.  These create a tropical vibe and give your space some green color, especially indoors.  As far as surf party supplies go these are pretty fun.

Got kids running around and don’t want fiberglass boards getting ruined, but still want some surfboards around?  These inflatable surfboard decorations are a great substitution for the real thing.

This garland is a fun touch, but I think they should have added some bikinis.  Nevertheless if you’re not too discriminating this would be fun for doorways.

Having some beach balls around will give your surf themed party a very beachy vibe, and buying them in bulk is cheaper than you might think.

A few classic hula girl ornaments would make great table decorations:

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If you really want to get extravagant, this tiki bar setup is a really fun idea.  Got a kids party?  Make them some mocktails.  Set up a few kids to be in charge of “bartending”.  They’ll love it!

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No surf themed party is complete without leis!  These are always fun to hand out at parties and give everyone some extra flair.

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Another great piece of flair that can double as a party favor are sunglasses!  These retro 80s themed sunglasses will be extremely popular for both kids AND adults (you’d be surprised how much fun adults will have with these at a party).

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For a fun way to put out candy and other favors, these adorable “woody” surf mobiles are a great idea.

I wasn’t sure if these should go in the favors or decorations category, but these surfing rubber duckies are incredibly adorable.

Food And Drinkware

If you’re looking for plates and other partyware for serving food, look no further than the Fire And Creme Surf party plates.  These are very unique and one of a kind, and won’t break the bank.  (Note, the below link is a link to the plates, but cups and straws are sold separately)

Another option with a more cartoony aesthetic are these “Surfs Up Dude” flatware sets.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more money and want a very natural theme to your party that doesn’t necessarily have surboards all over it, then bamboo plates and utensils are another great option!

If you have a cake and you’re looking for something to spice it up, then these surfboard cake or cupcake toppers are adorable and reusable!


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