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The Finatic Fin Testing System

sidebar_finaticYou might have seen advertisements in the surf mags for the “Finatic” fin testing program.  I am personally curious about changing fins, and I’m not about to spend $60 on a set of fins that I’m going to hate.  So I decided to check this “Netflix for fins” out.

First of all, I signed on for the intro price which was .99 for the first month.  I figured that was ok, even if I stayed on for another month.

The system works by allowing to choose three different types of fins and then they will mail you the first available set.  You can choose longboard fins, futures, and FCS.  The selection is huge, to their credit.  Pretty much every fin under the sun is in their inventory.  This is great if you’ve got a bunch of different boards to try fins on.  For me, I’ve got a longboard, a quad, and a regular thruster, so I have a ton of experimentation to do.

The fins come in the mail with a paid envelope that you put the fins in when you’re ready to return them.

Right now I’m checking out some future F3 Hex fins for my Merrick Flyer.  The fins I got seem brand new.  No signs of wear and tear.  So far I’m loving them, but I need some jucier waves.  Luckily the swell seems to be shaping up for the rest of the week.

The system seems great, but there are a few kinks I think they need to iron out. First of all, it takes them a few days to get your fins in the mail.  I can’t really see why this should be the case, but it bleeds days out of your monthly payment.  Second, you’ve gotta keep 3 fin selections in your queue, and there’s no way of specifying which fins you want first.  So, it’s a little random in that sense, and you might not get the fins you want.

I suggest trying it out for a month.  However, if you’re going to do this make sure you’re going to be surfing!!  The problem with this system is that surfing isn’t like other activities…ya gotta wait for waves!  It seems that every time I get a new piece of wave riding equipment the ocean goes flat.  Superstition?  Probably.  But I would have been better off starting this off in the summer rather than in the late fall (which is when I signed up).  Try this out when you’re going to be able to get in the water a lot, even if the waves are small.  The good thing is there’s no time limit on returning the fins.

Check it out at

If you’ve tried out the Finatic program, leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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13 years ago

Futures, if you ask me are the answer to my fin questions

J Bird
J Bird
13 years ago

I have finally tried Future Fins and I am in love. They are super light and I cant break them out of my box… I had FCS and they can’t compare to Future Fin setup. I never thought I would ride a quad but now that I have tried it I am hook. Future Fins own in surfing technology

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