The Surfing Handbook only recommends products we like and use, period. Sometimes we get an affiliate comission from links, but this helps us keep the site running!


Why do you want your business featured on The Surfing Handbook?

In today’s economic climate people are looking for the best ways to spend their money.  The first place that most people go to search for potential purchases is Google. The Surfing Handbook ranks on the first page in Google for the keyword “surfing,” and first for many, many other phrases related to the sport.  Featuring your business or product on our website means that the coverage may be found on our site for years to come, giving you the most “bang for your buck” compared to radio or print advertisements which must be renewed every month.

Pages on our website are there forever – they don’t get thrown out like last month’s magazine.

We can help your business get found by optimizing our reviews and coverage for your business or product name.  When potential customers search for your business or product, the potential for our coverage to appear in top search results in Google increase dramatically.  Reviews in blogs and publications by real people in the surf industry give potential customers that extra push to invest in your business.

Case in point: We recently reviewed a surf product called “The Nice Rack”.  If you search Google for “The Nice Rack review” our review is found in the top results, complete with pictures and user experiences.  In fact, if you simply search for “nice rack review” in Google, our review is #1.  Talk about great product and service exposure!


The Surfing Handbook is a small site, but we are growing by leaps and bounds. Since this time last year we have grown from 11,895 unique visitors in a 30 day period to 21,229 unique visitors, averaging at least 700 unique visitors per day.  That’s a 78.5% increase!  We have a growing staff of freelance writers who contribute on a regular basis, conducting product reviews, artist interviews, travel reports, surf tips, and more.  (Source:

Statistics - April 2011

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