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Fin Puller Review

Remove Your Surfboard Fins Easily

Taking fins in and out of your surfboards really wasn’t a chore with FCS 1 fins and Futures.  Occasionally you’d get a stuck fin, but it really wasn’t a big deal.  FCS 2 fins aimed to make changing fins easy without a tool – except they can be so tight and are decidedly NOT easy to get in and out.

I pretty much decided that whatever FCS 2 fins I put in my boards were going to just stay in my boards because it was just such a hassle to take them in and out.  Except…fins are so expensive!  I recently got a new board and now had to transfer fins in and out when I want to ride either board.  Forget it!  I already needed to use a hammer (with a towel) to get the fins into the board and I wasn’t looking forward to trying to get them out.

Thank goodness for the Fin Puller.  This genius little device makes taking fins in and out of your board relatively easy.  My friend recently lent me a few boards he was selling so I could test ride them.  I was able to use 1 pair of fins (the only FCS 2.0’s I had) to test ride all the boards in one session without struggling with the fins like I thought I might have to.  With the Fin Puller, it was really a piece of cake to just swap them in and out by my car.

The Fin Puller
  • Save your hands, fins and boxes with the fin removal & installation Tool from FINPULLER, a must have for every surfer

FCS tried to make a “tool-less” fin system with the 2.0’s, but honestly I think most people are going to want this gadget to get their fins in and out.

The Fin Puller also works on Futures and FCS 1, although it’s maybe not as necessary except for super tight futures.

I still think Futures is the best fin system, but sometimes you just can’t get the board you want with the fin system you want.  I do like some of the FCS 2.0 fins and there are many more to choose from now vs when they first came out, so it’s not all bad.  But the “no tool needed” system is kind of a crock.

Check out my Fin Puller review video below for the lowdown on how to use the Fin Puller:

Hayley Gordon

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