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Transword Surf’s High 5 – Video Review

After finding out the local surf shop had Transworld Surf’s latest flick, High-5, I was excited to check it out, especially because of all the hype in the magazine over the past few months.  When it was over I was a little surprised because I felt like something was missing; Unlike Taylor Steele’s Castles in the Sky, High-5 has almost no dialog and rarely shows clips of land.  Instead of focusing on the voyage itself, the flick jumps right into the action.  On the bright side, there is more room for all the massive cutbacks and insane airs (even the ones they can’t land).  Filmed within a 5 month window, Andrew Doheny, Eric Geiselman, Wade Goodall, Fergal Smith, and Andy Irons definitely had their fair share of amazing clips.

One of the cooler parts of the video was a small segment on Fergal Smith killing it in Ireland.  In addition to the fierce slabs he dropped in on, Fergal Smith took it to the next level by carrying a camera while being shacked to give a perspective we don’t usually see in these films.

Of course, throughout the 40 minute film, Andy Irons doesn’t fail to amaze and Eric Geiselman lands countless gnarly airs.

To vamp up the flick, Transworld included various special effects which may or may not include an animated shark, a 400lb woman, and an occasional gnome; make sure to look out for them, some are easy to miss!

Among others, the soundtrack had bands on the down-low including “The Soft Pack,” “The drowning men,”  and “Future Islands,” which blend in well with the flick, especially one of the opening songs, “Answer to Yourself.”

On the back cover of the DVD there is a byte in a large font that reads, “Can someone tell me what this is for?” This film is highly recommended for anyone looking for a film that focuses on the surfing rather than the lifestyle.  You can buy the DVD online at or your local surf shop may carry it. As a bonus, it comes with a free one year subscription to their magazine, so go check it out!

Andy Martinez

Andy lives in the Bay Area and attends the Engineering School at UCSD. He is very excited to be in warmer weather and nice surf!

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13 years ago


Good review, I totally agree with you. Although the movie is not ground breaking, it does fulfill the surf movie experience. I like how they humanize the surfers by showing them blow waves that every surfer messes up on sometimes.

I thought the soundtrack was probably the best part. Any chance you know where to get the second to last song on the video- Golden Beaches by The Banks. I can’t seem to find it anywhere- iTunes, youtube, grooveshark, google- I’m stumped.


Andy Martinez
Andy Martinez
13 years ago

Thanks, SurferChick- Glad this motivated you! Look out for my next review on “The Powers of Three!”

13 years ago

This review was really helpful. I was unsure if this movie would interest me, but after reading the review I am wicked eager to see these jumps and the hidden gems! Thanks for the recommendation. Rock on!

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