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Thalassophile Meaning – 6 Suprising Definitions

Beach Addicts Anonymous!

Thalassophile meaning: anyone who loves the sea and the ocean.  The word derives from the Greek word thálassa which means “sea” and the suffix phile which comes from Latin (phila) and Greek (phílos) meaning lover.

So a thalassophile is someone that is completely drawn to the sea in all its forms.  Someone who can’t get enough of the sun, salt, and sand.  They’ll be at the beach when it’s warm and sunny, and will still be at the beach taking a walk even if it’s cold and windy.  They’ll go to the ocean when they’re having a bad day for solace, and they’ll party at the beach to celebrate life.

Are you a thalassophile?  Sometimes people already know.  However if you’re wondering, see if any of these describe you:

1. You would rather spend your vacation time at the beach than anywhere else

You turn your nose up at any trip that doesn’t involve a coastline of some sort.  Being landlocked causes you claustrophobia, and you’d rather just not travel if it means you won’t be near the ocean.  If anyone proposes a desert trip or a mountain escape, you’re secretly wondering how to get out of it.

2. You can’t get enough of that salty ocean air and all those sea animals

Even in your downtime, you’re browsing Instagram looking at videos of cute seals, interesting fish, or watching surf videos.  Any lunch break or extra time off you park your car at the beach and watch the waves.  If the kids want to go somewhere your first choice is to take them to an aquarium.

image showing two people walking on the beach as the definition of thalassphile

3. If you could live in any country, it would be a coastal nation like Greece or Portugal

Any thalassophile tends to have Pinterest boards full of places they’d love to live in the future.  If you don’t already live near the coast you’re searching for your dream home.  If you do live near the coast, you’re always wondering what life is like on some far-flung coastline; how the beach life is in little beach towns in western Australia or craggy Portugal.

4. When you’re sick, nothing makes you feel better than laying out on the beach with a book and some sunblock

Your family thinks you’re crazy, but if you’re sick your first destination is the beach to take in some sun and get some vitamin D.  And you’re not alone; humans have always thought that fresh sea air was a remedy to many ills for centuries.

5. You think it’s totally cool to have an entire closet just for flip-flops

The rest of your family thinks your flip-flop collection is out of control.  But whenever you see a new pair at the store you just have to have it – you can picture all the sunny and fun beach days you’ll have in the new sandals.  And yes, you have a dedicated closet full of them.

6. The ocean is your happy place – when you’re there, all your worries melt away into nothingness

The ocean is your antidepressant.  Any time you’re upset you head there for solace.  Staring out into the horizon brings you inner peace, no matter what the ocean is up to that day – whether it’s calm or stormy.  It gives you a sense of balance and place in the world.

Do you fit the thalassophile meaning?

Do you love the ocean? If so, then congratulations! You are a thalassophile.  There’s no shame in admitting it–thousands of people share your affinity for water and its salt-infused scent. We want to hear about what makes you happy when you’re by the beach–is it swimming, surfing, boating, kayaking, fishing…the list goes on with all the things you can do at the shoreline (even if most of them require more than one person). Leave us a comment below letting us know how much time you spend near the ocean; we might even ask some questions about why they make such an impact on your life.

Hayley Gordon

Hayley Gordon has been surfing for over 20 years. Riding both shortboards and longboards, she's traveled the world to surf but mainly sticks to her two home locations of San Diego and Long Island.

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