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The Surfing Handbook started out as a way for me to learn the basics of creating websites and coding simple CSS.  Since its early days in 2006 it has undergone several renovations and new looks.  If you’re curious, go check for us in the Internet Wayback machine to see what we used to look like.

The site is now becoming more of an online surf magazine with the goal of being something for surfers, by surfers.  Travel reports, reviews, interviews with interesting people, project notes, stories, surf tips, and more—it’s all fair game.  We try to stay away from industry content, although I can’t say it won’t find its way in from time to time.

There’s  a lot of information here for people looking to learn how to surf; just check out the top navigation and the dropdown menus to find all that content.

The site is constantly evolving and changing direction, so we are always open to ideas and suggestions.  If you want to write for us, send over an email.

Thanks for visiting!  Join our Facebook fan page and follow us on Twitter (@SurfingHandbook) for updates as they are posted to the site.

Hayley Gordon


  1. wow..! just found this website.. nnow! excited to explore.. 🙂 thank you!

  2. EXCELLENT !!!!!
    Great info.

  3. Chriss Trinidad

    I LOOOOOVVVEEEEEE this website! I’m forwarding the link to every beginner I know and surf with!!

  4. Rusty Surf Chick

    i <3 this website ,most informational website ive seen……out of all the different ones that make feel akward (assuming u already no wat to do), welll u make the reader feel comfortable reading:) U R OFFICIALLY MY FAV. BY FAR!!!!!! 🙂

  5. I hope your visitors take the advice/tips you’ve stated on surfing ‘breaks’ that don’t accommodate beginners, novice surfers. Good job on the site!

    ~ Aloha

  6. I’m a beginning surfer and love your site. The information provided is informative and very helpful. The site is also nicely designed! Very cool! Thank you!!!

  7. Pretty Awesome Website! Just found, looks good thanks foos

  8. Keep the good job. Amazing website, a lot of work and time invested. Thanks for it.

  9. Great site!

  10. Such an amateur but still stoked from surf lessons that I had in Costa Rica, wanna surf the cold waters of Pacifica, CA. I swim in the bay, is it a surfing faux pas to use the wetsuit that I use to swim in the bay with to go surfing in? And can anyone recommend a place where local surfers meet who wouldn’t mind a newbie tagging along and learning the ropes?

  11. The information here are great and have tried it this past weekend. Now I’m starting to get and was able to go on the outside and ride unbroken 5 footers… I just need to work out my shoulders more so they don’t tire easy:)

  12. Paul James Weaver

    More advanced stuff please??

  13. Hyper-ditto my last comment, posted after early grazing on the site. Now, contented hours later, I feel like a humpback that just took in a beautiful, tasty bait-ball. Your site design and content, and the soul behind it all is just what beginners need to start right. Thanks again.

  14. Thanks Marc, appreciate the kind words! Enjoy the site, and check out our forum as well! If you’ve got questions, feel free to post them there!

  15. Loving the website guys. I run a small surf clothing website now but used to surf every weekend before I had twins last year. As soon as they are old enough to bodyboard I’m starting surfing every weekend again. Hopefully that will be about 4 years time. I am literally counting down the days! Congrats your bookmarked!

  16. Wow thank you so much. It’s what I looking for~!

  17. awesome information, just FYI we would used your “rules” on our blog… copyrights and credits goes to your website… super thanks again

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