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Best Surf App For Apple Watch

I’ve written a review all about surfing with the Apple watch, and I love it.  But what’s the best surf app for the Apple watch?

Honestly, I really just have one answer for you: Dawn Patrol.

This is the best app I’ve tried, hands down.  It just works, and because it integrates with Surfline Sessions I’m a happy camper and I can review my waves after my session quite easily (if I surf in front of a cam).

I’ve been happily using Dawn Patrol since I got my Apple Watch and it’s been a game changer.  Not only does it help me integrate and track my exercise and feeds it to apple fitness (yes I’ve become a nerd about tracking my health stats) it also integrates with my heart rate.

Best Surf App For Apple Watch 1 apple watch surfing

The Dawn Patrol app automatically detects what spot you’re at via GPS when you start your session, making it extremely easy to use.  Just tap the app to start your session and away you go.

I’m not sure that the length of the ride (distance) and time surfing is actually all that accurate.  I seriously doubt some of my waves are as long as the app says.  But that isn’t that important to me – those stats are kind of just fluff anyway.  The fitness tracking and Surfline sessions integration is the real benefit to me.

Apple Watch Surfing Complications

The Dawn Patrol app also provides several cool “complications” for the Apple Watch face.  I like to use the tide, water temp, and wind data.  This is really nice as I can see the tide at a glance.

Best Surf App For Apple Watch 2
My Apple Watch Series 6 with the Dawn Patrol complications

Best Surf App For Apple Watch 3

Honestly, I can’t imagine surfing without the Dawn Patrol app now. It’s made such a difference in my experience as a surfer, and I would recommend it to anyone who’s serious about catching waves and improving their skills. If you’re looking for a way to stay on top of surf conditions and track your fitness as a surfer, this app is definitely worth checking out!

Dawn Patrol Features:

  • Real-time surf conditions: get accurate and up-to-date information on wave height, swell direction, and wind speed for popular surf spots around the world.
  • Customizable surf tracking: choose your favorite surf spots and receive alerts when conditions are optimal for surfing.
  • Surf session recording: track the number of waves caught, the length of each ride, and other key metrics to help improve your surfing.
  • Fitness tracking: monitor your heart rate, calories burned, and other fitness stats while you surf.
  • Social features: connect with other surfers, share your experiences, and discover new surf spots and tips.
  • User-friendly interface: easy to use and customize, with intuitive controls and clear visuals.
  • Surfline Sessions integration.

Hayley Gordon

Hayley Gordon has been surfing for over 20 years. Riding both shortboards and longboards, she's traveled the world to surf but mainly sticks to her two home locations of San Diego and Long Island.

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