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Best Surfboard Leashes For 2020

Find The Best Surf Leashes

Surf leashes are a ubiquitous part of surfing.  I occasionally surf without a leash if I’m longboarding, but when I’m on a shortboard I always have one on.  Let’s face it: leashes make surfing a lot easier, especially if you’re shortboarding and trying to improve your turns and maneuvers you’re going to fall a lot – everyone does.

Most surfboard leashes are basically the same, but the best ones are made with quality materials.  However, I have to say that there are NO guarantees about surf leashes: they can and do break.  So don’t go betting your life on one!

Choosing a leash is a bit based on what’s available and what the prices are, as well as aesthetics like color and brand.  There are a few leashes that try to stand out from the crowd such as Creatures Of Leisure with their DNA Flex Mold shock absorbing connector, as well as XM’s tangle free leash and Modom’s shark repellent leashes.

Personally I’m a fan of Dakine, Modom, and Creatures Of Leisure, but as long as you’re getting a leash from a reputable brand that uses quality materials you’ll be ok with whichever brand you are keen on.

A Simple Dakine leash has always been a staple for me ever since I started surfing:

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