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Beginners Surfing Tips

Beginners Surfing Tips

Beginners Surfing Tips 1

So you want to learn to surf? You’ve come to the right place! These beginners surfing tips will help you get started. Even if you’re going to take a lesson or two, it’s helpful to learn the details of what you’re going to be doing.

For observers, surfing looks simple and uncomplicated, but there’s a lot to learn when you’re just starting. It might look like all you need is a board and some waves (which is true), but there’s a lot of knowledge and experience that you need before you’ll have much success. I’ve broken this guide into some easy sections to get you started. You’ll be riding the curl in no time!

Beginners surfing tips:

Before you get in the water:

Chapter 1: The surfing philosophy: FUN!
Chapter 2: Ocean Safety
Chapter 3: Overcoming fear of the ocean
Chapter 4: Getting the right beginners surfboard
Chapter 5: Waxing your board
Chapter 6: Finding the right beginner surf spot
Chapter 7: Practice the popup on land first


Ride your first waves:

Chapter 8: Riding Prone
Chapter 9: Proper Surfboard Paddling Technique
Chapter 10: Standing up!
Chapter 11: Getting outside the breakers
—->Duckdiving 101: How to Duckdive
Chapter 12: Catch your first real wave!

Keep all this info in the back of your mind when you’re out in the surf. Surfing is a lot easier with the right technique.



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  2. Great blog, I am sharing it with my daughter who is obsessed with surfing and everything related. But, like my son who wouldn’t let me teach how to play guitar, she leaves me on the beach – so this is good stuff for her to read. Thanks

  3. gnarly hehe. im 13 and had the sudden urge to learn to surf. slight problem… i live in the city very close to the beach but no waves there .. its not the ocean exactly … 🙁 but id like to know before i try.

  4. Those are great ideas and if you want a great compliment to these ideas check out the Holoholo Balance Board at
    It is a balance training board that is easy to learn and hard to master that allows you to practice many surf and board riding skills. This board is challenging to ride but it can give you a lot of confidence once you hit the surf.

  5. This is a great guide for beginners like myself. I have only been surfing for a year or so. Ever since i could pop up and final ride a wave I am completely addicted to this sport! When i go down to Florida i borrow a friends 9’6″ long board and I’m in love with it. Thing is I go down to North Carolina too and I live in Jersey so i want a board for when I’m here or in NC. I am 5’9″ and weight 140, is there any other long board size that is good for me because it is really hard to find long boards online. Also if you know any good websites for long boards please tell me.

    1. Drop down to an 8’ foot noserider by Yater. I guarantee you will have more fun than you know what to do with .

  6. Great information man, I’ve been out a couple times, but there was alot that my buddy couldn’t quite explain to me in words and now I’m getting what he was talking about. Thanks so much, I’m pretty sure this is gonna help me do alot better.

  7. I am going to Hawaii in a few weeks man. I surfed for the first time on Coco Beach Florida last summer and have been wanting to surf everyday since. We are gonna be staying on Sunset Beach in Hawaii. I was wondering if maybe you could tell me what kind of board I should get there and and what the best times to surf will be?

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