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Powers Of Three – Video Review

Remember the courage of the boy in the bestselling novel, “The Power of One?” Well multiply that by three, bring them together, and give them a few boards. The Powers of Three explores the friendship of three surfers ruling the sketchiest shores in Ireland. Mickey Smith, Fergal Smith, and Tom Lowe put a gold star on Ireland’s reputation for big wave riding. We saw a rough sneak peak of Fergal’s action in High-5, but it was nothing compared to what this 30 minute film has in store for us.

The Powers of Three really shows the spirituality and commitment these men live by. You can tell they all are passionate about what they do, even though they are not pulling in the big bucks. Fergal especially; he has been charging the giants since the young age of 16 and makes it look like a walk in the park.

One of my favorite parts is how the director uses cinematography to put into perspective how small we are compared to the ocean. The coast of Ireland is portrayed magnificently throughout the entirety of the film. The director is able to blend the beauty of the coastline and the aggressiveness of the waves to create an equilibrium that I haven’t seen in any other movie minus Castles in the Sky.

Sure this film documents the rad waves they caught, but it also scratches the surface about the cost these waves can deal to you if you wipe out.

I really liked the soundtrack to this movie. Although there are no songs that have lyrics, the surfing speaks for itself. What surprised me was that they were able to throw in some Mozart which fit the scene perfectly!

In the end, I’d have to say almost everything about this movie is heavy: the dialog, waves, and especially the cojones these guys have to surf. If you have 30 minutes free during your lunch break or right before bed, go check out The Powers of Three – you will not regret it. After all, it is free! Here’s the link to the film:

Andy Martinez

Andy lives in the Bay Area and attends the Engineering School at UCSD. He is very excited to be in warmer weather and nice surf!

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Neil Cooney
13 years ago

This is a really top film, I’ve been following these guys over a year now and the things they do is both amazing and crazy. Fergal and Tom push it to the limits while Mickey Smith is one of the top photographers out there today. You should check out his latest clip – excellent:

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