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Absolute Best Beach Towels For 2021

Hit The Beach In Style With These Best Beach Towels

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Beach towels have come a long way from the traditional striped variety.  If you’re like me you have a couple dingy go-to after surf towels hanging out in the back of your car.  But what if you want to hit your next beach day with something a little more fun?  Read on for our picks of the best beach towels for 2018.

Beach towels are the latest “boring” item to get the cool brand treatment.  First it was underwear, then it was socks, then board bags, now it’s beach towels.

From traditional to photo-realistic prints, to large rectangle to circular, there are a number of new brands producing some really nice looking towels.  Let’s face it: having nice things is just, well, nice.  I always enjoy a fresh, cool looking towel to hit the beach with.

best beach towelsBest Beach Towels 1: Slowtide

Slowtide is a recent player in the high end beach towel market, but their designs and prints stand out–they are fresh and eye catching, and a step up from the typical boring towel.

My favorite is their Waimea print, with an overhead photo of the Waimea lineup by photographer Laserwolf.  They also have several colorful pattern prints.

Slowtide also makes round blankets and changing ponchos.

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Best Beach Towels 2: Leus

Leus Surf Towels is another new brand aimed at the surf and action sports crowd, but these towels will appeal to anyone.  With fun prints and quality craftsmanship, Leus towels are another must have.  Their towel series is fresh, fun, and colorful.

Leus also makes changing ponchos as well as yoga mat and gym towels, which is a great way to add some flair to your exercise routine.

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Best Beach Towels 3: Laguna Beach Textile Co

Laguna Beach Textile Co focuses on high quality materials, and their Cabana beach towel is no different.

This classic striped design is timeless and designed to stand up to days in the sun and repeated washes.  It’s also oversized at 70″ x 35″

This towel is VERY soft and thick and is one of the highest rated beach towels by a number of publications as well as customer reviews on Amazon.

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Best Beach Towels 4: Dock & Bay Microfiber Towels

Dock & Bay has the microfiber beach towel market cornered.  If you want a quick drying towel that doesn’t collect sand, this is for you.

Dock & Bay also market this as a travel towel – because it’s made of microfiber it doesn’t take up as much space as a regular cotton towel.

They have a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from, and each comes in a handy travel bag.

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