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Surfboard Bags

Surfboard bags and cases are a useful piece of gear if you’re serious about keeping your board in good condition. Surfboards are cumbersome and ding easily, and it’s common for even the most careful person to inadvertently turn around and slam their surfboard into an unseen car or wall.

Surfboards also get yellow as they are exposed to the sun. Keeping your board in a sock or bag will slow this yellowing process.

a surfboard bag
A day bag

Travel bags and cases are also essential if you plan on traveling with your boards. Ever see how those baggage handlers like to throw luggage around? Yeah.

Surfboard bags come in several different varieties:

Socks – A basic cover for day use. Surfboard socks are cloth bags that come in a variety of colors and patterns. These offer the least protection from dings, but are great if you’re traveling a short distance and want to keep your board free from scratches. They’ll also protect against the stray flying pebble when you’re driving around with your board on the roof.

Day Bags – Lightweight protection for day-to-day use. Day bags are light, padded bags with handles and a padded shoulder strap. They often come in a silvery metallic color to help deflect the heat of the sun. These bags are excellent everyday transportation aids for your board. They’ll protect against a lot of abuse, and the shoulder straps and handles help carry around cumbersome boards.

Travel Bags/Coffins – These are heavy duty bags designed for extensive surf travel on the road or on planes. You can get some bags that fit several surfboards inside (without the fins). Some also come with wheels for easy transportation.

I recommend either FCS, Destination, Pro-Lite, or DaKine surfboard bags. I have used them all and have had no problems. They’ve kept my boards free from unnecessary wear and tear.

Benefits Of Using A Surfboard Bag

Surfboard bags are a must-have for any surfer who wants to get the most out of their ride. They offer protection from scratches and dings that can occur while transporting your board, as well as providing storage space for all your other surf gear. Not only do they keep your board safe, but they also give you peace of mind knowing that nothing will happen to it on its way to the beach or back home again.

They’re an essential piece of safety equipment in case you ever find yourself stuck in rough waters with no one around to help. Having a bag makes it easy to grab your board quickly and paddle away before anything bad happens. And if something does go wrong, having some extra padding could be the difference between getting off lightly and sustaining serious damage!

Plus, surfboard bags look great! They come in an array of colors and designs so you can find something that suits your own personal style. Whether you want something subtle or eye-catching – there’s sure to be a bag out there that fits the bill perfectly. So why not add a bit of flair to your surfing experience? It doesn’t take much effort and could even turn heads when you hit the waves!

All things considered, investing in a surfboard bag is definitely worth considering – especially if you plan on taking your beloved board anywhere near water!

Selecting the Right Size Bag

First and foremost, make sure you measure your board before selecting a bag. The length should be measured from tip to tail while standing straight up on its end. Width is usually measured at its widest point near the center of the board. If you have an odd-shaped or extra wide board then you’ll need to find one specifically designed for those types of boards.

The most important thing when choosing a surfboard bag is making sure it’s big enough to fit your board comfortably with some room for padding around all sides. You don’t want it too tight because it might cause damage due to rubbing against other items in storage or during travel. On the flip side, going too large will leave additional space inside which could cause sagging and create more drag during transportation – something nobody wants!

For a day bag, add about 6″ extra to your board length so you can fit the entire surfboard WITH THE FINS.

So take your time measuring your board correctly and shop around until you find a good fit – literally!

Where To Buy Surfboard Bags Online

Alright, so now you know how important it is to have a surfboard bag when traveling with your board. But where can you buy one? Well, there are plenty of great online stores that carry high quality bags. Whether you’re looking for something affordable or want something luxurious and stylish, there’s sure to be an option that suits your needs.

One of the first places to look is Amazon. They offer a huge selection of different styles and sizes, with many coming from trusted brands like Dakine and FCS. Not only do they have a wide variety of options available, but their prices are usually quite reasonable as well. Plus, if you have Amazon Prime, shipping is often free!

Another great place to shop for surfboard bags is Etsy. Here you’ll find some unique, handcrafted designs made by talented independent artists from around the world. From wax-resistant canvas totes to colorful neoprene pouches – there really are no limits here in terms of style and creativity! And because these items come directly from the artisans who make them, you can rest assured that every purchase supports small businesses too.

So whether you’re on the hunt for a practical yet stylish way to transport your board or just want something cool and eye-catching that showcases your personality, buying a surfboard bag online has never been easier – or more fun! With such an array of options out there today, finding the perfect one should be a breeze.

Hayley Gordon

Hayley Gordon has been surfing for over 20 years. Riding both shortboards and longboards, she's traveled the world to surf but mainly sticks to her two home locations of San Diego and Long Island.

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