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Best Gifts For Sailors

The Top Gift Ideas For Sailors

Do you know someone that loves sailing and need to think of a great gift idea for them?  Well look no further.  These nautical novelties will surely make that special person smile.  We’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for sailors that are both useful and gadgetry, as well as those that are a bit more artistic and whimsical.

Sailing is a pastime that has a lot of history, and from that you can get quite a few ideas.  From charts and old maps to small model boats, to antiques from old sailboats right up to the newest in navigation equipment.  Depending on whether or not the person you’re looking to buy a gift for is into smaller boats or larger ships, there’s something for everyone here.

  1. Nautical Rope Coasters for Beverages
  2. Nautical Rope Coasters for Beverages

    This adorable set of four coasters made of rope is a perfect small gift for someone that loves not only sailing, but boats in general. The set of coasters comes with a wooden case with brass inset anchor and small clasp. Whether for use on a boat or at home, this set of coasters is unique and fun. This gift is also excellent for beach and coastal homes, or anyone with a penchant for seaside decor.

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  3. Monocular Telescope
  4. Monocular Telescope

    This simple but useful monocular telescope is excellent for sighting things while out at sea. The perfect utility for boating, this is one of those gifts that someone may think they won't use at first, then use consistently once they have it. Having a lightweight and easy to access telescope to sight things on the shore is extremely useful to help navigate as well as for safety.

    This telescope 8X magnification with a 42mm objective diameter wide lens, and measures just 5.7 inches in length.

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  5. HS Nautical Flag And Canvas Knot Wall Scroll
  6. HS Nautical Flag And Canvas Knot Wall Scroll

    This is an awesome piece of wall art that features not only nautical flags but common knots used in sailing. The knots are made of small pieces of rope attached to the canvas wall hanging and are labeled with a small brass plaque. The result is a very cool and unique decoration that fits in with most home and boat styles. I really like the way this is a 3D type of wall hanging. This is one of our top picks! The piece measures 33.5" x 26.75".

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  7. Columbia Unisex Bora Bora Booney Sun Hat
  8. Columbia Unisex Bora Bora Booney Sun Hat

    This classic sun hat is durable and made to last. Made by Columbia, a renound outdoor company, this hat provides lightweight sun protection for sailors. Vented with a strap to keep the hat on in the wind, this hat is made of UPF 50 materials that offer solid UV protection. Perfect not only for boating but a wide range of outdoor activities. The thing I like most about this hat is that it's a classic - this won't go out of style and will remain a staple in any sailor's wardrobe. This hat also comes in 26 clolors - click the link to see all of them.

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  9. Garmin quatix® 7 Marine GPS Smartwatch
  10. Garmin quatix® 7 Marine GPS Smartwatch

    A higher end gift for a sailor, the Garmin quantix 7 Marine GPS watch features a giant array of features for nautical use. Tide changes, anchor drag alerts, and waypoint marking are just some of the features packed into this luxury smartwatch. Becuase it's a Garmin, it features connectivity with a host of Garmin navigation devices such as chartplotters and remote control of key MFD features, including chart zoom, layout shortcut, Fusion stereo, autopilot and other compatible marine devices.

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  11. Bravario Unbreakable Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses
  12. Bravario Unbreakable Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses

    Having a glass of wine on a sunset sail is one of the best experiences. Give your sailor a set of these high quality unbreakable wine glasses to use on their sailboat so they won't have to worry about breakage. These glasses have a "real glass" look and feel. If you're like me, I enjoy wine from actual wine glasses, especially if it's a nice wine. These glasses emulate that as closely as possible without being breakable. Excellent for use both on and off the boat.

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  13. Sailboats - Hardcover Photography Book
  14. Sailboats - Hardcover Photography Book

    This beautiful coffee table book features the stirring black and white photography of Michael Kahn. Over 75 photographs of sailboats at sea are featured in locations all over the world including Antigua, France, England, and more. The pictures are made from silver gelatin in the photographers' personal darkroom. Whether a fan of the photographic arts or an avid sailor, this book makes a perfect gift.

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  15. Lego Ideas Sailboat Adventure Set
  16. Lego Ideas Sailboat Adventure Set

    This adorable Lego Ideas sailboat set is perfect for kids and adults alike. Featuring a sailboat with two passengers and a twin dolphin on wave piece, this is a neat decoration. Anyone will enjoy putting it together and it's a whimsical gift for all ages.

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  17. SailingStory Wooden Sailboat Model - Concordia
  18. SailingStory Wooden Sailboat Model - Concordia

    This beautiful walnut and pine model sailboat represents the classic sailboat Concordia. With built-to-scale details and an authentic finish, this sailboat decoration makes a perfect gift for home or beach cottage.

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  19. Auto NOAA Emergency Weather Radio + Charging Battery
  20. Auto NOAA Emergency Weather Radio + Charging Battery

    This all-in-one weather radio combo is a must-have for any marine aficionado. With a built-in charging battery, light, weather radio, and more, this is an important safety tool to have on board any boat. Features include:

    • 5 Power Sources: Hand Crank/Solar Panel/Micro USB input/5000 built-in Rechargeable Battery/AAA Batteries
    • Emergency Phone Charger: Built in USB output port to charge your phone and other USB device
    • 2 Lights: LED Flashlight: 3W; LED Reading light: 2.5W
    • SOS Alarm: Auto weather alert and manual SOS button (116dB)
    • 3.5mm earphone jack
    • Digital LCD screen: time, frequency, battery level, alert/lock icons
    • Charging Duration: Hand crank: 17hr; Solar power: 120hr; Adapter: 6 hours
    • 7 NOAA Weather Band: 162.400MHz;162.425MHz;162.450MHz;162.475MHz;162.50MHz;162.525MHz;162.55MHz
    • AM Radio frequency: 520KHz to 1710 Khz.
    • FM Radio frequency: 87.00Mhz – 108MHz.
    • SW/Shortwave Radio frequency: 2.3-22.00 MHz
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  21. NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Pullover Hoodie
  22. NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Pullover Hoodie

    NOAA is the government agency for the official word on weather and buoy readings. Any boater or sailor is familiar with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and this well respected government organization is the last word on weather and emergency alerts. NOAA logo gear is super popular amongst boaters and anyone with a marine lifestyle.

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  23. DJI OM 5 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer
  24. DJI OM 5 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

    Know a sailor or boater that loves to shoot video? This affordable gimbal will help take smooth and stable shots even on the most rocky of seas. This is a perfect gift for those who love to document their trips, and the best part is that it can be used even off the boat! I own one of these and it works amazingly well and is small and portable.

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  25. Chapman Piloting & Seamanship 69th Edition
  26. Chapman Piloting & Seamanship 69th Edition

    This is THE bible and reference book for all levels of boaters and sailors. This book is something that every boater can make use of, whether experienced or novice. This new edition covers modern equipment as well. This book covers a wide range of topics including:

    • Navigating by day or night in any weather
    • Trailerboating
    • Getting underway or returning to a marina or mooring under power or sail
    • Anchoring and weighing anchor
    • Operating a gas or diesel engine—inboard, outboard, or sterndrive
    • Using radar and communicating by radio
    • Sharing the water with other boats
    • Handling lines and making them fast
    • Reading the weather and keeping your crew safe with the latest advice on safety equipment
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  27. ReferenceReady Boating and Sailing Knot Cards - Waterproof Guide to 20 Nautical Knots
  28. ReferenceReady Boating and Sailing Knot Cards - Waterproof Guide to 20 Nautical Knots

    Have you ever found yourself in a nautical situation where it is imperative that your knots be perfect? The regularity of our lives often leaves us without enough time for practicing basic skills like tying neat bowline snares or lowering sails smoothly. This could not possibly happen at more inconvenient moments than when out on the water! This waterproof reference card set will be right there when needed most during those sudden storms that always seem occur while out fishing in deeper waters.

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